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Happy Indigenous/Native American Heritage Month!

Gival Press is happy to have published works by individuals who identify as or have ancestry of Indigenous/Native American Peoples.

Museum of False Starts by Chip Livingston (2010)

"All poets must juggle the sacred and profane and each must make some kind of peace with the paradox, fight it, or find a unique road in the up and down. Chip Livingston, in his first book, Museum of False Starts, makes a distinct trail of poems, through Mvskoke ancestral country, through the maze of American myths, through bars and parties at the edge, through disturbance and awe. What an auspicious beginning!"

—Joy Harjo, Mvskoke poet, musician and performer, currently USA Poet Laureate

"I hope you like the powerful and evocative poems in Museum of False Starts as much as I do. I especially admire how skillfully Chip Livingston makes the ordinary exotic, erotic and extraordinary."


Canciones para una sola cuerda / Songs for a Single String by Jesús Gadea / translation by Robert L. Giron (2002)

"Jesús Gardea's poetry awakens a distant, almost forgotten primeval yearning that compels us to find that elusive woman whom we have met only in our dreams, but whose presence we sense will complete us."

—Carlos Rubio Albet, author of The Neophyte: A Dubious Beginning

There are also several other poets who are in two anthologies published by Gival Press:

Poetic Voices Without Borders (2005) edited by Robert L. Giron

Poetic Voices Without Borders 2 (2009) edited by Robert L. Giron



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