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General Information

Gival Press has sponsored the following contests for which there is an individual webpage that gives the specifics for each contest. 

  • The Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award (for a single poem, given annually)

  • The Gival Press Short Story Award (for best stand-alone short story, given annually) 

  • As guideline to the literary fiction we are looking for, we quote Eileen Gonzalez's comment on literary fiction which appeared in Foreword Reviews (Nov/Dec 2020): "Literary fiction involves more than just a great story. It puts ordinary humans under a microscope, examining our strengths and weakness, the heights to which we can rise, and the depths to which we may fall."—Eileen Gonzalez

  • Visit our Entry Portal:

  • Please note that as of 2024, the Gival Press Novel Award and the Gival Press Poetry Award have closed. Winners of these awards, however, can still be accessed.

  • The Gival Press Poetry Award (for a book manuscript).

  • The Gival Press Novel Award (for a book manuscript).

Past Winners

View the past winners and finalists by clicking on the contest.

Discounts for Entrants

Anyone who has entered a Gival Press contest may purchase any books published or distributed by Gival Press at a 20% discount off the retail price, with free shipment. Credit cards are preferred. Kindly either call us (703.351.0079 - leave a message if we can't answer when you call and we will call you back) or send us an email with your phone number and we will call you, as we only accept the credit card information by phone.

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