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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Featuring fiction & poetry by

  • Robert Cataldo

  • Mary Warren Foulk

  • Moskoula Harisiadis

  • KateLynn Hibbard

  • Janet Joyner

  • Briana Peterkin

  • Jendi Reiter

  • Deon Robinson

  • Richard Schulein

  • Nicolas Teixeira


Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Congratulations to George Klawitter of Notre Dame, Indiana who has won the 19th Annual Oscar Wilde Award-2020 for his poem titled Twenty. Michael Rodman last year’s winner served as the judge, who read the entrees anonymously. George Klawitter received a cash prize of $500.00 and his poem is published at Gival Press websites.


Marsha P. Johnson Is Arrested for the One-Hundred-and-First, and Last, Time

by Arnaldo Batista of Dania, Florida.

When I Realized I Was a Green Tree Frog in Another Life

by Grant Chemidlin of Los Angeles, California.

Acetate Love

by Natasha Dennerstain of Oakland, California.

Love Potion #9 (Revisited)

by Octavio Gonzalez of Wellesley, Massachusetts.

  • Writer's pictureRobert Giron

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Gival Press would like our authors and readers to know that we stand firm in the belief that we Americans must be free to voice our Constitutional rights of free speech, free press, and especially freedom of assembly to protest violence against our citizens regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, skin color, national origin, religion, physical condition, as well as social status. In solidarity against racism, united in peace and firm in holding officials accountable for violations against humanity.

During this trying pandemic that has basically brought the world to a stand still, with hundreds of thousands sequestered in their homes, we would like our readers and followers to know that we value your lives and appreciate you, so please follow the guidelines issued by doctors or scientists that you trust, so that we can all be healthier and hopefully survive this pandemic.

We would also like our authors who are located and reside in several continents to know that we value them and their work. We are committed to our mission and will continue to run our contests, publish books as well as continue our online journal, ArLiJo.

Stay safe and keep in touch,

Robert L. Giron

  • Publisher

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