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Redshift, Blueshift Is Available for Pre-orders

Gival Press Novel Award 2020

When a prisoner in an unnamed labor camp finds his journal of memories taken from his cell, he sets out to console himself and perhaps find in his past a way to reclaim his freedom by again writing down what he can remember. As the prisoner writes and passes through the vivid world of a distant life, he is eventually confronted by a strange memory that, if true, questions the reliability of his memories and whether what he remembers was really his own life or, somehow, someone else's.

"A piercingly eerie, if sometimes-blurry, account of a prison sentence."

Kirkus Reviews

"Capturing the befuddlement of sustained imprisonment, the dystopian novel Redshift, Blueshift focuses on a man who's alone in a cell, and who becomes a prism through which to explore multiple interpretations of reality."

Foreword Reviews, 4 Starred Review

About the Author

Jordan Silversmith has received degrees from Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia. His poem "Praxis" was chosen by Philip Metres for the 2020 Slippery Elm Prize in Poetry. He works as an attorney in New York City.

Redshift, Blueshift

ISBN-13: 9781940724317

Pub. Date: 10/01/2021

Pages: 216

Price: Book $20 / eBook $9.99

Publisher: Gival Press

Pre-order: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Gival Press / PO Box 3812

Arlington, VA 22203 / 703.351.0079



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