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Celebrating Black History Month and Our Authors Whom We Have Published

Gival Press Books by:

Yemi Ogunyemi, "Literatures of the African Diaspora"2004

Teri Ellen Cross Davis, "Haint: poems" 2016

J. E. Robinson, "The Day Rider and Other Stories" 2013

Gival Press Short Story Award :

Elaine Ray, "Pidgin" 2006

Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award:

Dante Micheaux, "Bread Boy" 2006

Gival Press anthologies: "Poetic Voices Without Borders" / "Poetic Voices Without Borders 2":

Jewelle Gomez

Teri Ellen Cross Davis

E. Ethelbert Miller

Mutombo Nkulu-N'Sengha

Rita Dove

Sydney March

ArLiJo (in various issues):

Adaora Raji

Teri Ellen Cross Davis

Saida Agostini

Paulette Beete

Carolyn Joyner

Alexa Patrick



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