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Celebrating Authors' Publications

Lisa Graley (Box of Blue Horses, Gival Press, 2013) published her first fiction collection: The Current That Carries: Stories ( Athens: The University of Georgia Press. 2016).

Peter Schulman (Adamah: Poème by Céline Zins / English translation, Gival Press, 2008) has had several works published:

-Pages of Travel (Pages de voyage) by Silvia Baron Supervielle / translated from the French (Belfast, UK: Lapwing Press, 2017) ** nominated for the Warwick Translation Prize [poetry];

-A Thousand and Second Night and Other Plays by Jules Verne / translated from the French with introduction & notes (West Warwick, RI: Bear Manor Fiction, The Palik Series, 2017) [theater];

-Impressions of Summer by Ying Chen / translated from the French (Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press, 2017) [poetry];

-On Waves (Précisions sur les vagues) by Marie Darrieussecq / translated from the French (Halifax: VVV editions, 2014), Nominated for the Lois Roth Award for Translation of a Literary Work (MLA award) [essay/poetry].



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