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Brian Cronwall Wins the Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award-2021

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Gival Press is pleased to announce that Brian Cronwall of Kapa'a, Hawaii has won the 20th Oscar Wilde Award, chosen anonymously by the previous winner of the award, George Klawitter.

In the Brackish Place Where We Come to Love

My tongue and lips revel in your cove

between my freshwater stream, your ocean,

in the brackish place where we come to love.

The flaps and folds of your flesh move

like moss on a rock, like an open question

where my tongue and lips revel in your cove.

My urgent mouth is rich in this flood

of saline wonder, your gushing affection

in the brackish place where we come to love.

I feel your ebb then your flow, your breath above,

the clenches of your thighs, how your waves moan

as my tongue and lips revel in your cove.

A rising cling, clamp, and tide woven

with tired muscles, panting, and emotions

at this brackish place where we come to love.

And even as we slowly swirl in this wonder that proves

our well-spent desire, a kiss, a smile, a touch, devotion,

my tongue and lips begin again to slowly revel in your cove

in the brackish place where we come and continue to love.

Copyright © 2021 by Brian Cronwall.

About the Author

Brian Cronwall, born in San Francisco and grew up in the California coastal town of Carmel, got his undergraduate degree in English at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and his graduate degree at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He taught English at UMD, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Inver Hills Community College (Minnesota), and over 22 years at Kaua`i Community College in Hawai`i until he retired December 2015. He also worked as the Audio Archivist at Minnesota Public Radio, Acting Director of the Minnesota Peace and Justice Coalition, freelance writer, and other scattered jobs. He served on the board of Malama Pono Health Services and was a commissioner on the University of Hawai`i Commission on the Status of LGBTI Concerns. His poems have been published in numerous journals and anthologies in Hawai`i, Guam, the Continental United States, Australia, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, including recent publications in Bamboo Ridge, Chiron Review, Hawai`i Pacific Review, Ekphrasis, The Santa Fe Literary Review, The Carolina Quarterly, The Briar Cliff Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Exit 13, Talking River Review, Albatross, and others.


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