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ArLiJo Features Issue 151 Women in Translation

Visit ArLiJo to read Issue 151 Women in Translation, edited by Hollynd Karapetkova, with photograph by Maigi and poetry by: 1) Gemma Gorga translated from Catalan by Sharon Dolin, 2) Sharron Hass translated from Hebrew by Marcela Sulak, 3) Rasha Omran translated from Arabic by Phoebe Bay Carter, 4) Inna Kabysh translated from Russian by Katherine E. Young, 5) Thilini N. Liyanaarachchi translated from Sinhalese by Chamini Kulathunga, 6) Suzanne Dracius translated from French by Nancy Naomi Carlson, 7) Li Cheng'en translated from Chinese by Ming Di, and 8) Zheng Min translated from Chinese by Ming Di.



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