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Gival Press Has 3 New Book Releases

We're quite happy to have 3 new book releases, coming Oct. 1st. Each title is now available for pre-order, follow the links.

Winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award

by Kate Monaghan

Disputed Site

"A thought-stirring, rich collection from an erudite writer."

—Kirkus Reviews

Architects of the Imaginary / Los arquitectos de lo imaginario

by Marta López-Luaces / translation by G.J. Racz

". . . a book that alerts us to poetry’s subversive power and the potential writing has to interrogate us."—Eugenia Straccali, author of Medusa

Speaking Out: Families of LGBTQ+ Advance the Dialogue

ed. by Esther Schwartz-McKinzie

"... this book collects the journeys of both LGBTQ+ people and parents of LGBTQ+ people who share the challenges they faced and offer candid insight into their growth over time. These stories emphasize how LGBTQ+ youth deserve our very best, which includes listening and responding in ways that are genuinely thoughtful, sincere, and loving." —Cathy Renna, Director of Communications, National LGBTQ Task Force



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