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Celebrating Spain's Cultural Heritage in the USA

Gival Press, whose publisher has long ties to Spain, New Spain/Mexico and Texas via the language and cultural traditions running through the Greater Southwest since 1598, celebrates the rich cultural heritage.

Look for the title Architects of the Imaginary / Aquitectos de lo imaginario by Marta López-Luaces, with English translation by G. J. Racz, which will be released on October 1, 2023.

Other titles with cultural ties previously released by Gival Press include:

Canciones para una sola cuerda / Songs for a Single String by Jesús Gardea, with English translation by Robert L. Giron.

Meteor by C. M. Mayo.

Psaltery and Serpentines by Cecilia Marínez-Gil.

Boys, Lost and Found by Charles Casillo.

Dead Time / Tiempo muerto by Carlos Rubio.

Dream of Another America by Tyler McMahon.

Dreams and Other Ailments / Sueños y otros achaques by Teresa Bevin.

Julia & Rodrigo by Mark Brazaitis.

Secret Memories / Recuerdos secretos by Carlos Rubio.

Tina Spring into Summer / Tina se lanza al verano by Teresa Bevin.



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