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Celebrating our Best Sellers for 2021

Redshift, Blueshift by Jordan Silversmith (2021)/ Redshift, Blueshift (

Winner of the Gival Press Novel Award

A dystopian novel about a man's imprisonment, with echoes of Kafka and Orwell.

Haint: poems by Teri Ellen Cross Davis (2016) / Haint (

Ohioana Book Award for Poetry 2017

"Haint is a book of life. Not a book of survival, though the poet survives, not a book of reckoning, though the poet comes to terms with many things. Haint is a book of choices, and witnessing. A book of learning the bodies territories, pleasures and sorrows. A book that constructs the irrepressible center of a soul, page by page, plank by plank. A book a reader will put down after reading and mutter yes to themselves, haunted."—Cornelius Eady

Theory and Praxis (2019) / Theory & Praxis (

Edited by Genevieve Carminati and Heather Rellihan

The first book that focuses on women’s and gender studies at community colleges. It brings together voices from faculty, researchers, program administrators, and students to examine the promise and challenges that these programs have in higher education.

Tina Springs into Summer / Tina se lanza al verano / Tina Springs into Summer (2005) / Tina se lanza al verano (

Writers Notes Magazine Book Notable Award for the Young Adult Literature Category

"This appealing book with its illustrations can serve as a wonderful learning tool for children in grades 3-6. Bevin clearly understands the thoughts, feelings, and typical behaviors of pre-teen youngsters from multi-cultural urban backgrounds."—Professor/Dr. Nancy Boyd Web

The Smoke Week: Sept. 11-21, 2001 (2003) / The Smoke Week: Sept. 11-21, 2001 (

Honorable Mention 2004 Eric Hoffer Award for Culture. Winner of the Ohioana Library's Walter Rumsey Marvin Award.

A New Yorker's personal account of the events of the worse terrorist attack the USA has ever faced.

"Here is Witness. Here is Testimony."—Maxine Hong Kingston



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