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Celebrating Hispanic Month

Hispanic Month brings our attention to the positive aspects of the Hispanic Culture (those with cultural ties to Spain and its historical outreach across oceans). Cecilia Martínez-Gil ("Psaltery and Serpentines") brought this to our attention.

--Over the years, Gival Press has published several works in English and Spanish: Teresa Bevin ("Dreams and Other Ailments" / "Sueños y otros achaques" & "Tina Springs into Summer" / "Tina se lanza al verano"), Carlos Rubio ("Dead Time" / "Tiempo muerto" & "Secret Memories" / "Recuerdos secretos"), Charles Casillo ("Boys, Lost & Found"), the late Jesús Gardea ("Canciones para una sola cuerda"/ "Songs for a Single String" -translation by Robert L. Giron), and by Robert L. Giron: "Songs for the Spirit," "Metamorphosis of the Serpent God," "Recuerdos," & "Wrestling with Wood."

--There have been authors who have won awards sponsored by Gival Press: Pablo Miguel Martínez (Oscar Wilde Award), Dan Vera (Oscar Wilde Award), Julyan Peard (Short Story Award), Alex Rodríguez (Short Story Award), Cecilia Martínez-Gil (Poetry Award), and there are numerous authors published in the anthologies: "Poetic Voices Without Borders" and "Poetic Voices Without Borders 2," as well as in ArLiJo.

--Thank you, Cecilia, for bringing this to our attention. It was Cecilia who creatively came up with "Givalista" to describe our authors and Robert L. Giron added "Givalists" as this includes all authors published by Gival Press be it in English, Spanish, French, or other languages that have appeared in ArLiJo.



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