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AWP Seattle-2023 Report

Seattle was very good to us. Countless folks stopped by to introduce themselves to us and many bought books—nice!

Our 25th Anniversary Reading at the Mayflower Park Hotel with Cliff Bernier, who also played his harmonica for us, John Domini, Cecilia Martinez-Gil, Thad Rukowski, and Esther Schwartz-McKinzie was a great success. The poetry and chocolates went down with the Prosecco nicely. Sorry Jeff Walt and Teri Ellen Cross Davis were not able to join us at the reading. We wish we had asked Ken to read from his Melville book.

Robert L. Giron followed Cliff's opening music with his poem "We the Tumbleweeds" and others followed.

Here are some photos from the four-day conference/bookfair.

Ken Schellenberg.

Cliff Bernier on his harmonica.

Robert L. Giron, Cliff Bernier, Esther Schwartz-McKinzie, Cecilia Martinez-Gil, John Domini, and Thad Rutkowski (left to right).

Teri Ellen Cross Davis



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