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Aaron Tillman Wins the 19th Annual Gival Press Short Story Award-2022

Gival Press is pleased to announce that Aaron Tillman of West Roxbury, Massachusetts has won the 19th Annual Gival Press Short Story for his story titled Kennebunk Correction. His story was read anonymously and chosen by judge Leah Eichler. The award has a prize of $1,000 and his story will be published online at Gival Press and in ArLiJo.


“In Kennebunk Correction, Tillman lovingly illustrates the relationship of siblings Thomas and Ruby, emotionally stunted from the sudden death of their parents’ years earlier, and their inability to connect to others untouched by the tragedy. It’s a familiar journey, where a single tragedy can ripple through someone’s life in mysterious ways, forever altering their perspective, behaviour and even ability to form relationships. Yet, Tillman approaches it with gentle humor and emotional insight, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the lives of these siblings, which will not soon be forgotten.”

—Leah Eichler, judge


Raspberry Cremes by Bud Robertson of Henderson, Nevada

Albanian Waiter by Anna Sabat of New York, New York

Vestigial Tales by Scott Dimovitz of Denver, Colorado

Monster of the Week by Scott Basis of New York, New York



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