Maximus in Catland

David Garrett Izzo

Honorable Mention: London Book Festival for General Fiction - 2011

A collection of stories.

"Maximus in Catland has all the necessary ingredients for a successful fairy tale: good and evil, unrequited love and loving loyalty, heroism and ancient wisdom. When one spells the name of the cruel and avaricious human leader backwards, the fable becomes parable, and, much like C.S. Lewis's Narnia books, can be interpreted as straightforward fantasy or something a little deeper." -Jenny Ivor, Rambles

David Garrett Izzo

David Garrett Izzo is a writer of fiction and drama as well a scholar of modern British and American literature with numerous books and articles of literary criticism, literary philosophy, literary biography, and literary history. He is an expert in the years between the world wars. Izzo is professor and director of the English program at American Public University.