Dream of Another America

Tyler McMahon

Winner of the Gival Press Novel Award - 2016.

Dream of Another America is set in Central America, where a family dreams about leaving for America, the land of dreams. A current Grapes of Wrath with a Latin twist; this is a timely novel, given the current climate against immigration in the USA.

“The ‘dream’ in Dream of Another America is both a noun and an imperative verb   of hope: Tyler McMahon has written a Grapes of Wrath for contemporary America. Like Steinbeck’s classic, Dream of Another America urges readers to confront the costs and sacrifices of the American Dream. Beautifully written, emotionally gripping, narratively propulsive, and morally important,   this book should be necessary reading for every American.” —Shawna Yang Ryan

Tyler McMahon

Tyler McMahon is the author of the novels How the Mistakes Were Made and Kilometer 99. He studied at the University of Virginia and Boise State University. He teaches writing at Hawai’i Pacific University, edits the Hawai’i Pacific Review, and organizes the Ko’oalu Writers Workshop.