Gerard Wozek

Winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award - 2000.
Finalist for the Violet Crown Book Award Literary Prose & Poetry - 2002

This rich whirl of the dervish traverses a grand expanse from bars to crazy dreams to fruition of desire. Dervish has received praise from a variety authors for its eloquence and moving tales of adventure. Wozek takes the reader along his many journeys from America to Europe to Morocco. This collection blends the erotic with the spiritual world.

"What's most remarkable about this collection is its adoration: love of language, man, travel, and love of self. So, for all who are unafraid to journey from the self and to the self by way of sex and beauty, then close the blinds, smash the television, pour a glass of Merlot, pull up a sofa, and indulge in Dervish. Fear not, for this won't be the last of Gerard Wozek. The book's final sentiment rightfully forecasts Wozek's position on our national poetry scene: I persist." —Reviewed by Janee J. Baugher

"By Jove, these poems shimmer." —Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, author of Mr. Bluebird

Gerard Wozek

Wozek has received international recognition in recent years for his poetry videos. Co-produced by filmmaker and artist Mary Russell, these short experimental works couple Wozek's spoken word with captured video stills and moving images. These short pieces have played at poetry conferences and short film festivals both in the United States and abroad. Most recently, Planet Out chose to feature his poems "Elemental Reels" on its website's online cinema. Wozek has also had two theatrical productions produced and performed by Lionheart Theatre Troupe in Chicago. The narrative prelude from his first play "The Changeling's Exile" was made into a handbound chapbook, produced and still available online through Deep Wood Press.