Barnyard Buddies I

Pamela Brown

This a wonderful collection of thirteen stories for children, written with a focus on character development. Teachers and parents can use this collection to teach children valuable lessons about life while instilling good values and morals. The engaging illustrations entice children to these heartfelt stories with animals as the main characters.

"These stories in this series are delightful. They are wise little fables, and I found them fabulous." —Robert Morgan, author of This Rock and Gap Creek

"Children's literature which emphasizes good character development is a welcome addition to educators' as well as parents' resoureces." —Susan McCravy, elementary school teacher

Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown, born in Blytheville, Arkansas, has traveled extensively as a result of her father being in the military. She has lived in Puerto Rico, Japan, as well as Michigan, Colorado and South Carolina, where she makes her home. After graduating from high school in Sumter, South Carolina, she got married and began a family. Years after, a divorce was a motivating factor in her charging into the business world in help raise her two children. Her writing of stories which began in the fifth grade surfaced again as she read to her children and this eventually sparked her interest in writing children—s stories. Her children who loved the many characters she came up with led to the books Barnyard Buddies I & II. In addition to childrens stories, she has written haiku poetry, with her first book titled Wiggles which won first prize back in elementary school while living in Okinawa, Japan. Most recently over the years, she has written for several magazines and newspapers as a food critic and had a food column in several different publications in South Carolina and Colorado. She has also had an advice column online with several thousand followers and her passion for writing continues.