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Robert L. Giron

Robert L. Giron

Robert L. Giron is the author of five collections of poetry and editor of five anthologies. His poetry and fiction have appeared in national and international anthologies among other publications. He was born in Nebraska, but he describes himself as a transplanted Texan, with family roots that go back over four centuries, who lives in Arlington, Virginia. He discovered recently that his ancestry covers most of Europe and the greater Mediterranean area, including Indigenous roots from Mexico/Texas. He describes himself as “just a man of the world.”

About the Translator of "Songs for the Spirit / Canciones para el Espíritu"

Javier Prieto Martinez is a Spanish teacher in Spain with more than ten years of experience in different countries (Europe and Asia). He owns a translation service company that translates works into English, German, Chinese and other languages from Spanish and vice versa. More than fifty books have been translated. He is also a TED speaker and an international consultant.

Giron worked with Javier Prieto Martinez to finalize the translation.

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