Teresa Bevin

Teresa Bevin was born in Cuba; however, because of political reasons, she emigrated to Spain in 1969 and later came to the United States in 1972. For over thirty years, Bevin has dedicated herself to the welfare and mental health of culturally diverse children and families due to a variety of reasons. She has also written extensively on the topic of childhood crises. Bevin's first work of fiction entitled "Havana Split" was published by Arte Público (University of Houston). Bevin holds two master's degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park: M.A. in Education and Human Development and M.A. in Speech Pathology. Her B.A. (Speech Pathology and Audiology) is from George Washington University, where she was a member of Sigma Delta Pi and the Romance Languages Fraternity, and her A.A. (Mental Health) is from Montgomery College. Bevin was a professor of Spanish and Mental Health at Montgomery College in Takoma Park, Maryland.